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Introducing Yebisu Draught Beer

Yebisu was born in 1890 with great ambitions to “brew the world’s best beer in Japan”. Yebisu is named after one of the seven Gods of Fortune, Ebisu, who is the God of Happiness and Business Success.

In 1899, Yebisu opened the first beer hall in Japan. Located in Ginza, Tokyo, Yebisu was introduced to many people to allow prospective customers to try draft beer shipped straight from the brewery and to experience its quality for themselves. Just 10 years after its launch in the market, Yebisu won the gold award at the World Expo 1900 held in Paris. Beating many prestigious beer brands in Europe.

Did you know, there is a town and train station that is named after this Premium Japanese Beer? Ebisu town and Ebisu station was born out of necessity thanks to the ever-growing demand for Yebisu Beer.


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